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For a long time there was this perception that the Northern Cape was not a fun place, or at least not as fun as the Western or Eastern Cape, and so it follows then that the websites about the Northern Cape are not too fun either. Right? Wrong!

The Northern Cape is like undiscovered treasure just waiting to be visited and explored and photographed. We love the Northern Cape and we wanted to revamp our website to match our enthusiasm and passion for this beautiful piece of South Africa we call home. So we did just that.

We wanted you to be able to visit our website and have fun looking around and be able to get the most out of it that you can in one visit. We created some fun new software that now allows you to filter the information that you want, anything from accommodation to specific information about particular town and cities.

We have populated our new interactive website with loads of information about what to do, where to stay and the best places to eat all over NC. This historical province has something for everyone whether you enjoy visiting wine cellars or museums or being a part of any of the varied tours on offer, or seeing all the pretty spring flowers in Namaqualand, or perhaps a visit to one of the many National Parks within the province, whatever your heart desires we are sure you will find it in the Northern Cape.

We are still in the process of getting all the information we want on the site so it is being constantly developed and updated. We would love to hear what you think about it so far and what your favourite part of the Northern Cape is, so please visit our website: http://visitdiamondfields.co.za/ and get in touch.

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