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The city of Kimberley in the Northern Cape is perhaps most famous for being the home place of the ‘Big Hole’, a huge crater dug into the ground when it was discovered that there were diamonds buried deep within the land. That was way back during the 1800s, so why would anyone want to visit Kimberley today? Well with the town being established over 200 years ago, there is a lot of history to learn about and Kimberley has some quaint and lovely museums to visit during your stay to learn all about the city.

There’s the Sol Plaatjie Museum which used to be the home of the great man who wrote the first novel by a black South African called ‘Mhudi’. The Transport Museum is located at the railway station and has a wealth of information about the history of the railways and how they expanded as more and more people were lured to the city with the promise of discovering some of those beautiful diamonds.

Moving on to art, be sure to pay a visit to the William Humphreys Art Gallery, which is considered one of the finest art museums in the country, and the lovely photographic exhibitions at the Duggin-Cronin Gallery.

The Kamfers Dam along the outskirts of the city is the ideal place to go flamingo spotting. As the dam falls within a conservation area, these beautiful and elegant bird flock here in their thousands come breeding time almost as if they know they’ll be safe.

Those feeling a little more adventurous should book a place on The Haunted Corners and Ghost Trail tour. The tour starts off at the Honoured Dead Memorial and snakes it way through the streets of Kimberley, which if the rumours are to be believed is where ghosts roam around at night!


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